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Any2UTF8 is a simple program to convert plain text file in any character encoding to UTF8.

The program automatically detects the character encoding of the source file and converts it to UTF8.

It is also possibile to perform batch conversions of entire folders containing files in mixed encodings, the encoding of each file will be detected and converted to UTF8, if a file is already in UTF8 it will not be converted.

You can download the program from here (version 0.2, release date February 28th, 2013):

NB: to run this program you need Java 1.6 or later (click here to find out if Java is already installed on your computer)


  • unzip the zip file you downloaded
  • double click on any2utf8.exe

Mac OS X / Linux

  • unzip the zip file you downloaded
  • double click on any2utf8.jar

A command-line version of the program is included in the zip file, launch it using:

java -jar any2utf8-cli.jar --help
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