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-====== Usage statistics ====== 
-BootCaT front-end collects anonymous usage statistics. Here's what we collect: 
-  * installation ID -- a unique number that identifies your installation of BootCaT, this does not contain any details about you or the computer you are using; it's just a way for us to keep track of how many copies of BootCaT are installed and used in the world 
-  * version number -- the version of BootCaT you are using 
-  * OS version -- the operating system you are using (i.e. Windows, MacOS, Linux etc.) 
-  * Java version -- the version of Java you are using (Java is required to run BootCaT) 
-As you can see nothing personal is being collected (it's basically the same information you're giving to every single website you're visiting while you browse the Internet) and we could really use this data to improve our software and promote the development of the project, so **please leave this feature enabled!** 
-If you still want to disable the collection of anonymous usage statistics, you are of course welcome to do it (we won't hold it against you ;-)): just go to Edit -> Options -> General and uncheck the "​Collect anonymous usage statistics"​ checkbox. 
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