Version 0.40 (2010-04-24)

  • NEW: added option to restrict search to a single specific Internet domain (i.e. .it,,, .edu) chosen by the user
  • NEW: retrieved URLs are now displayed as a list of checkboxes that can be selected/deselected; URLs are now hyperlinks (i.e. if clicked the web page will be opened in your Internet browser)
  • NEW: the “Initial setup” panel has been replaced by a “Settings” panel that can be accessed by clicking on “Tools → Settings”, the panel will also appear automatically on the first run or if one of the settings is wrong; data directory now defaults to “BootCaT Corpora” in user's home (or user's “My Documents” in Windows)
  • NEW: added “Default” option to bypass language filter (useful for languages not supported by the Yahoo API), also a bunch of languages has been removed from the interface since multibyte encoding is not supported by the toolkit; if you want to experiment, the list of supported languages can be edited in the “config.ini” file in the program folder
  • NEW: startup check for program updates has been added, the check can be disabled from the Settings panel and/or manually forced from the “Help” menu
  • NEW: (Windows only) added a splash screen during startup
  • BUGFIX: when toolkit directory was selected, the data directory text field was changed too (even though the value was not changed in the user preferences)
  • BUGFIX: if Perl is not available the program now invites user to install it and then quits
  • BUGFIX: Linux users should now be able to double click on the jar file to start the program
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