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-====== Version 1.5.0 ====== 
-  * **UPGRADE**: BootCaT is now packaged with Java 18 (previous versions used Java 8, quite an improvement), although it's still compatible with Java 8; 
-  * **NEW (feature)** : You can now choose which downloader to use, "Curl" (default) or the "Internal" downloader; 
-  * **NEW (feature)** : added **experimental** proxy support to BootCaT (only with Curl downloader for now); 
-  * **NEW (feature)** : report file is now saved as a XLSX file (i.e. Excel Sheet) because some versions of Excel were incapable of handling the CSV files BootCaT generated (but it's Microsoft's fault this time :D); 
-  * **NEW (feature)** : Changed default Look and Feel to FlatLAF Light, check out the other available options in the menu at the top of the BootCaT window, under ''Edit -> Preferences -> Display'' you'll find 4 FlatLaf styles (Light, Dark, IntelliJ and Dracula!) in addition to the usual L&Fs; 
-  * **BUGFIX**: corrected a bug that made BootCaT wait forever while trying to determine remote file size even when connection failed; 
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