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 ====== French tagset ====== ====== French tagset ======
-<​code>​ +^Tag^Meaning| 
-ABR abreviation +|ABR|abreviation| 
-ADJ adjective +|ADJ|adjective| 
-ADV adverb +|ADV|adverb| 
-DET:​ART article +|DET:ART|article| 
-DET:​POS possessive pronoun (ma, ta, …) +|DET:POS|possessive pronoun (ma, ta, …)| 
-INT interjection +|INT|interjection| 
-KON conjunction +|KON|conjunction| 
-NAM proper name +|NAM|proper name| 
-NOM noun +|NOM|noun| 
-NUM numeral +|NUM|numeral| 
-PRO pronoun +|PRO|pronoun| 
-PRO:​DEM demonstrative pronoun +|PRO:DEM|demonstrative pronoun| 
-PRO:​IND indefinite pronoun +|PRO:IND|indefinite pronoun| 
-PRO:​PER personal pronoun +|PRO:PER|personal pronoun| 
-PRO:​POS possessive pronoun (mien, tien, …) +|PRO:POS|possessive pronoun (mien, tien, …)| 
-PRO:​REL relative pronoun +|PRO:REL|relative pronoun| 
-PRP preposition +|PRP|preposition| 
-PRP:​det preposition plus article (au,​du,​aux,​des) +|PRP:det|preposition plus article (au,​du,​aux,​des)| 
-PUN punctuation +|PUN|punctuation| 
-PUN:​cit punctuation citation +|PUN:cit|punctuation citation| 
-SENT sentence tag +|SENT|sentence tag| 
-SYM symbol +|SYM|symbol| 
-VER:​cond verb conditional +|VER:cond|verb conditional| 
-VER:​futu verb futur +|VER:futu|verb futur| 
-VER:​impe verb imperative +|VER:impe|verb imperative| 
-VER:​impf verb imperfect +|VER:impf|verb imperfect| 
-VER:​infi verb infinitive +|VER:infi|verb infinitive| 
-VER:​pper verb past participle +|VER:pper|verb past participle| 
-VER:​ppre verb present participle +|VER:ppre|verb present participle| 
-VER:​pres verb present +|VER:pres|verb present| 
-VER:​simp verb simple past +|VER:simp|verb simple past| 
-VER:​subi verb subjunctive imperfect +|VER:subi|verb subjunctive imperfect| 
-VER:​subp verb subjunctive present +|VER:subp|verb subjunctive present|
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