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How to download Mac Version

Open a Terminal in your Mac:

Once it starts you'll see a window like this:

Copy the following line and paste it into the terminal window:

curl -o ~/Downloads/BootCaT-1.3.dmg

You will see something like this:

Press “Enter” on your keyboard, the App will start downloading, wait until it's finished. You'll see something like this:

Now close the Terminal, go to your Download folder:

Double-click on BootCaT-1.3.dmg, drag the BootCaT app to the Applications folder and then run it like any other app.

MacOS 10.15.X “Catalina” introduced security features that prevent unsigned applications downloaded from the Internet from running. BootCaT isn't digitally signed yes (we're working on it) and therefore a workaround is needed to download and run it.

If you download the file directly with a browser, when you try to open the App, you'll get the message “ is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the bin”:

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