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 ====== How to download BootCaT for Mac ====== ====== How to download BootCaT for Mac ======
-{{ :bootcat:help:terminal.png?nolink&800 |}}+Download BootCaT from here and install it:
-Once it starts you'll see a window like this:+
-{{ :bootcat:help:console_1.png?nolink |}}+If you want the Apple Silicon version download this (if you're not sure what "Apple Silicon" means, then use the link above)
-Copy the following line and paste it into the terminal window:+ 
 +If you try to start the App right away, you'll probably see something like this: 
 +{{ :bootcat:help:bootcat_is_damaged_2.png?nolink |}} 
 +Or this (on older versions of MacOS): 
 +{{ :bootcat:help:bootcat_is_damaged.png?nolink |}} 
 +See below for ways to fix this. 
 +===== Quick fix (for advanced users) ===== 
 +Use this on your terminal:
 <code bash> <code bash>
-curl -o ~/Downloads/BootCaT-1.3.dmg xattr -cr /Applications/
 </code> </code>
-You will see something like this:+Then enter your password and you're good to gostart BootCaT like any other App.
-{{ :bootcat:help:console_2.png?nolink |}}+===== Step-by-step guide (for regular users) =====
-Press "Enter" on your keyboard, the App will start downloading, wait until it's finished. You'll see something like this:+Open a Terminal in your Mac:
-{{ :bootcat:help:console_3.png?nolink |}}+{{ :bootcat:help:terminal.png?nolink&800 |}}
-Now close the Terminalgo to your Download folder:+Once it starts you'll see a window like this (the background might be blackbut it doesn't matter):
-{{ :bootcat:help:downloads.png?nolink |}}+{{ :bootcat:help:console_1.png?nolink |}}
-Double-click on BootCaT-1.3.dmg, drag the BootCaT app to the Applications folder and then run it like any other app.+Copy the following line and paste it into the terminal window:
-===== Why do I have to do this? =====+<code bash> 
 +sudo xattr -cr /Applications/ 
-MacOS 10.15.X "Catalina" introduced security features that prevent unsigned applications downloaded from the Internet from running. BootCaT isn't digitally signed yet (we're working on it) and therefore a workaround is needed  to download and run it.+The terminal will ask you to insert your password:
-If you download the file directly with a browser, when you try to open the App, you'll get the message " is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the bin":+{{ :bootcat:help:password_prompt.jpg?nolink |}}
-{{ :bootcat:help:bootcat_is_damaged.png?nolink |}}+Type your password, **you will not see any character appearing as you type, this is normal**, then press the ENTER key. 
 +If you don't see any error messages, you're good to gojust start BootCaT like any other App. 
 +===== Why do I have to do this===== 
 +Since version 10.15.X "Catalina", MacOS prevents non-notarized applications downloaded from the Internet from running.
-See the instructions above for the workaround.+Since BootCaT isn't notarized, at the moment the workaround you see at the top of the page is needed to and run the App.
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