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How to download BootCaT for Mac

Just download it with Curl:

curl -o ~/Downloads/BootCaT-1.3.dmg

You'll find it in the Download folder.

Open a Terminal in your Mac:

Once it starts you'll see a window like this:

Copy the following line and paste it into the terminal window:

curl -o ~/Downloads/BootCaT-1.3.dmg

You will see something like this:

Press “Enter” on your keyboard, the App will start downloading, wait until it's finished. You'll see something like this:

Now close the Terminal, go to your Downloads folder:

Double-click on BootCaT-1.3.dmg, drag the BootCaT app to the Applications folder and then run it like any other app.

MacOS 10.15.X “Catalina” introduced security features that prevent non-notarized applications downloaded from the Internet from running. BootCaT hasn't beed notarized yet (we're working on it), therefore a workaround is needed to download and run it.

If you download the file directly with a browser, when you try to open the App, you'll get the message “ is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the bin”:

See the instructions above for the workaround.

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