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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: BootCaT gets stuck while "retrieving URLs", what can I do?

You most likely made one of the following mistakes:

  • you're using BootCaT version 0.60 (or earlier) which no longer works, see this page to determine which version of BootCaT you're using. If you're indeed using an old version you'll need to upgrade BootCat (you can download it from here) and get a Windows Azure Marketplace Account Key (more info here)
  • when subscribing to Windows Azure Marketplace you choose “Bing Search API - Web results only” instead of “Bing search API” (see this page for more info)
  • you used your “Customer ID” instead of your “Primary Account Key” (see this page for more info)
  • you manually copied the “Primary Account Key” instead of copying/pasting it and made a mistake while typing (tip: use CTRL-C to copy and CTRL-V to paste your account key into the relevant box in BootCaT)
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