Known issues

These are known issues with the current version (0.81) of the BootCat front-end:

  • Mac OS X: cut/copy/paste is supported using the non-standard CTRL-X/CTRL-C/CTRL-V key combination
  • openjdk users: if you click on “Cancel” when the “Settings” dialog appears during the first run, the program doesn't quit (even if there is a blank option), this shouldn't happen since the program doesn't have all the necessary information to operate correctly (in fact if the path to one of the programs wasn't specified, the program will not work); this doesn't happen with Sun Java. Workaround: specify all paths correctly or install Sun Java.
  • sometimes checking the “I'm done selecting seeds” box doesn't activate the Next button. Workaround: uncheck and re-check the box, the button should activate.
  • some users have reported problems when using BootCaT behind a proxy/firewall. A workaround for MacOS has been reported (but it should work for Linux too): manually set the proxy from the command line, substituting with the URL of your proxy and 8080 with the port of your proxy (you should be able to obtain these parameters from your network administrator)
export http_proxy=
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