Version 0.60 (2011-08-05)

In July 2011 Yahoo terminated the web service BootCaT used to search the web; after a few days of blackout, BootCaT is working again thanks to Bing, a search engine that still provides free access to its search API.

  • NEW (feature): since BootCaT now uses Bing, an AppId is required to make the program work (see search_engine_key for more information).
  • NEW (feature): you can now provide a list on domain that will be excluded from the search (for instance you can prevent the search engine from returning result from or
  • NEW (feature): tuples length can now be 1 to 10
  • NEW (limitation): the new Bing API limits the maximum results to 50 per query (i.e. tuple), there's nothing we can do about it.
  • NEW (eye candy): a new cat has arrived, his name is Sbafo and he looks rather sly (we would like to thank Matteo Mazzacurati for donating it to the project)
  • NEW (eye candy): a new splash screen, icon set and in-application banner have been introduced (we would like to thank Ivan Zanchetta for donating these great-looking elements to the project)
  • NEW (feature): BootCaT front-end now collects anonymous usage statistics from users, users can deactivate data collection from the options menu
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