Version 1.06

  • NEW (feature): BootCaT now lets you compose queries that will be issued to Google via a regular web browser, see this page for more info;
  • NEW (feature): BootCaT now supports Bing Search API version 7 alongside version 5 (see this page for more info);
  • NEW (feature): DOC and PDF files (along with a number of other formats) are now supported, you can also limit searches to a specific file format or exclude multiple file formats;
  • NEW (feature): files downloaded from the Internet are now saved in the “download” folder of the project folder;
  • NEW (feature): the generated corpus is no longer a single file: each downloaded document is converted to text and saved as a separate plain text file in the “corpus” folder of the project folder;
  • NEW (feature): a 'report.csv' file is now created at the end of the corpus creation process, which contains a detailed report on the corpus creation process;
  • NEW (feature): you can also create a corpus using the “Local queries” mode: make your own Google queries, save them to a folder and let BootCaT extract URLs from them and build a corpus;
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