Version 1.55

  • BUGFIX: the new Look and Feel, FlatLAF Light, should now be enabled by default on new installations, you can specify your favoured Look and Feel under Edit → Preferences → Display;
  • NEW (default): due to incompatibilities with Windows 11 and/or antimalware software under Windows, Curl is no longer the default downloader; the default download is now the “Internal” one; you can still choose to use Curl if you wish (see Edit → Options), you'll find two options under Windows, CURL_OS (the version of Curl shipped with Windows 10 and 11) and CURL_EXT (the version of Curl shipped with BootCaT); NB: you need to use Curl if you want to use a proxy;
  • NEW (default): many MacOS users reported difficulties in finding the “BootCaT Corpora” directory because it's in the home folder, which is hard to find in recent versions of MacOS; to make it easier for Mac users, the default location of the “BootCaT Corpora” folder for new installations is now in “Documents”;
  • NEW (feaure): you can now see a log of BootCaT errors (in View → Log), its main use is for debugging;
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