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 ====== English Tagset ====== ====== English Tagset ======
-<​code>​ +^Tag^Meaning| 
-$ currency symbol ($) +|$|currency symbol ($)| 
-''​ closing quotes (") +|''​|closing quotes (")| 
-( opening parentheses (() +|(|opening parentheses (| 
-) closing parentheses ​()+|)|closing parentheses )| 
-, comma (,) +|,|comma (,)| 
-:​ connecting punctuation (:, -, ...) +|:|connecting punctuation (:, -, ...)| 
-CC conjunction,​ coordinating (and) +|CC|conjunction,​ coordinating (and)| 
-CD number, cardinal (four) +|CD|number, cardinal (four)| 
-DT determiner,​ general (a, the, this, that) +|DT|determiner, general (a, the, this, that)| 
-EX existential there +|EX|existential there| 
-FW foreign word (ante, de) +|FW|foreign word (ante, de)| 
-IN preposition (on, of) +|IN|preposition (on, of)| 
-JJ adjective,​ general (near) +|JJ|adjective, general (near)| 
-JJR adjective,​ comparative (nearer) +|JJR|adjective, comparative (nearer)| 
-JJS adjective,​ superlative (nearest) +|JJS|adjective, superlative (nearest)| 
-LS List item marker +|LS|List item marker| 
-MD modal auxiliary (might, will) +|MD|modal auxiliary (might, will)| 
-NN noun, common singular (action) +|NN|noun, common singular (action)| 
-NNS noun, common plural (actions) +|NNS|noun, common plural (actions)| 
-NP noun, proper singular (Thailand, Thatcher) +|NP|noun, proper singular (Thailand, Thatcher)| 
-NPS noun, proper plural (Americas, Atwells) +|NPS|noun, proper plural (Americas, Atwells)| 
-PDT determiner,​ pre- (all, both, half) +|PDT|determiner, pre- (all, both, half)| 
-POS possessive particle (', 's) +|POS|possessive particle (', 's)| 
-PP pronoun, personal (I, he) +|PP|pronoun, personal (I, he)| 
-PP$ pronoun,​ possessive (my, his) +|PP$|pronoun, possessive (my, his)| 
-RB adverb, general (chronically,​ deep) +|RB|adverb, general (chronically,​ deep)| 
-RBR adverb, comparative (easier, sooner) +|RBR|adverb, comparative (easier, sooner)| 
-RBS adverb, superlative (easiest, soonest) +|RBS|adverb, superlative (easiest, soonest)| 
-RP adverbial particle (back, up) +|RP|adverbial particle (back, up)| 
-SENT sentence-final punctuation (.) +|SENT|sentence-final punctuation (.)| 
-SYM symbol or formula (US$500, R300) +|SYM|symbol or formula (US$500, R300)| 
-TO infinitive marker (to) +|TO|infinitive marker (to)| 
-UH interjection (aah, oh, yes, no) +|UH|interjection (aah, oh, yes, no)| 
-VB be, base (be) +|VB|be, base (be)| 
-VBD be, past tense (went) +|VBD|be, past tense (went)| 
-VBG be, -ing (being) +|VBG|be, -ing (being)| 
-VBN be, past participle (been) +|VBN|be, past participle (been)| 
-VBP be, plural (are) +|VBP|be, plural (are)| 
-VBZ be, -s (is) +|VBZ|be, -s (is)| 
-VH have, base (have) +|VH|have, base (have)| 
-VHD have, past tense (had) +|VHD|have, past tense (had)| 
-VHG have, -ing (having) +|VHG|have, -ing (having)| 
-VHN have, past participle (had) +|VHN|have, past participle (had)| 
-VHP have, plural (have) +|VHP|have, plural (have)| 
-VHZ verb, -s (has) +|VHZ|verb, -s (has)| 
-VV verb, base (believe) +|VV|verb, base (believe)| 
-VVD verb, past tense (believed) +|VVD|verb, past tense (believed)| 
-VVG verb, -ing (believing) +|VVG|verb, -ing (believing)| 
-VVN verb, past participle (believed) +|VVN|verb, past participle (believed)| 
-VVP verb, plural (believe) +|VVP|verb, plural (believe)| 
-VVZ verb, -s (believes) +|VVZ|verb, -s (believes)| 
-WDT det, wh- (what, which, whatever, whichever) +|WDT|det, wh- (what, which, whatever, whichever)| 
-WP pronoun, wh- (who, that) +|WP|pronoun, wh- (who, that)| 
-WP$ pronoun,​ possessive wh- (whose) +|WP$|pronoun, possessive wh- (whose)| 
-WRB adv, wh- (how, when, where, why) +|WRB|adv, wh- (how, when, where, why)| 
-`` opening quotes (") +|``|opening quotes (")|
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