EPTIC - English Tagset

CCcoordinating conjunctionand
CDcardinal number1, third
CDZpossesive pronounone's
DYSFdysfluency“th-” instead “the”, “congr-” instead of “congratulate”
EPAUSEempty pause
EXexistential therethere is
FPAUSEfilled pauseehm
FWforeign wordd’hoevre
INpreposition, subordinating conjunctionin, of, like
IN/thatthat as subordinatorthat
JJRadjective, comparativegreener
JJSadjective, superlativegreenest
LSlist marker1)
MDmodalcould, will
NNnoun, singular or masstable
NNSnoun pluraltables
NNSZpossesive noun pluralpeople's, women's
NNZpossesive noun, singular or massyear's, world's
NPproper noun, singularJohn
NPSproper noun, pluralVikings
NPSZpossesive proper noun, pluralBoys', Workers'
NPZpossesive noun, singularBritain's, God's
PDTpredeterminerboth the boys
PPpersonal pronounI, he, it
PPZpossessive pronounmy, his
RBadverbhowever, usually, naturally, here, good
RBRadverb, comparativebetter
RBSadverb, superlativebest
RPparticlegive up
SENTSentence-break punctuation. ! ?
SYMSymbol/ [ = *
TOinfinitive ‘to’togo
UNCLEARunclear word
VBverb be, base formbe
VBDverb be, past tensewas, were
VBGverb be, gerund/present participlebeing
VBNverb be, past participlebeen
VBPverb be, sing. present, non-3dam, are
VBZverb be, 3rd person sing. presentis
VHverb have, base formhave
VHDverb have, past tensehad
VHGverb have, gerund/present participlehaving
VHNverb have, past participlehad
VHPverb have, sing. present, non-3dhave
VHZverb have, 3rd person sing. presenthas
VVverb, base formtake
VVDverb, past tensetook
VVGverb, gerund/present participletaking
VVNverb, past participletaken
VVPverb, sing. present, non-3dtake
VVZverb, 3rd person sing. presenttakes
WPwh-pronounwho, what
WPZpossessive wh-pronounwhose
Zpossessive ending's
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