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Line 6: Line 6:
 |CDZ|possesive pronoun|one'​s| |CDZ|possesive pronoun|one'​s|
 |DT|determiner|the| |DT|determiner|the|
 +|DYSF|dysfluency|"​th-"​ instead "​the",​ "​congr-"​ instead of "​congratulate"​|
 +|EPAUSE|empty pause|...|
 |EX|existential there|there is| |EX|existential there|there is|
 +|FPAUSE|filled pause|ehm|
 |FW|foreign word|d’hoevre| |FW|foreign word|d’hoevre|
 |IN|preposition,​ subordinating conjunction|in,​ of, like| |IN|preposition,​ subordinating conjunction|in,​ of, like|
Line 34: Line 37:
 |TO|infinitive ‘to’|togo| |TO|infinitive ‘to’|togo|
 |UH|interjection|uhhuhhuhh| |UH|interjection|uhhuhhuhh|
 +|UNCLEAR|unclear word||
 |VB|verb be, base form|be| |VB|verb be, base form|be|
 |VBD|verb be, past tense|was, were| |VBD|verb be, past tense|was, were|
Line 56: Line 60:
 |WPZ|possessive wh-pronoun|whose| |WPZ|possessive wh-pronoun|whose|
 |Z|possessive ending|'​s| |Z|possessive ending|'​s|
-|DYSF|dysfluency|"​th-"​ instead "​the",​ "​congr-"​ instead of "​congratulate"​| 
-|FPAUSE|filled pause|ehm| 
-|EPAUSE|empty pause|...| 
-|UNCLEAR|unclear word|| 
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