Version 0.50 (2010-06-03)

  • NEW (feature): added support for blacklists and whitelists
  • NEW (feature): it is now possible to select/de-select tuples before they are submitted to the search engine
  • NEW (feature): three menu items have been added:
    • “My corpora” takes you to the “BootCaT corpora” folder
    • “Online help” takes you to the “Documentation” section of the BootCaT website
    • “Release notes” takes you to the “Release notes” section of the BootCaT website
  • NEW (feature): “Options” panel doesn't appear on the first run anymore (unless there are configuration problems which need to be fixed by the user); the whole option panel has been rewritten and is ready for future developments
  • NEW (feature): now all platforms have a startup splash screen
  • NEW (installation): Debian-based distros now have a .deb installer (tested on Ubuntu 10.4 and Debian 5.0.4)
  • NEW (installation): Yahoo-Search module is now included in the installation package
  • NEW (installation): the new “Complete” installer for Windows also includes Strawberry Perl
  • NEW (eye candy): users can now choose their favourite look and feel

This is a list of known problems with BootCaT front-end, which will (hopefully!) be resolved in future releases.

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